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Types of Carpet & Their Styles

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Carpet is one of the most favorite floor installations both in residential and commercial spaces, and the reasons for this are many. There are several options one can have when it comes to patterns, styles, and designs that can match the decoration and your personal style; it absorbs sounds; it is affordable and cost-effective; it has good insulating properties that keep you warm in winter and cool in summer; it has a non-slip surface that is safe for the underfoot, and they are easy to clean and maintain.  

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Carpet Fibers 

There are many kinds of carpet fibers and the following are the basic ones: 

  • Polyester – this material is known for its luxury, both in its look and feels. It is ideal for places with an average number of people and should not be used for spaces where there is high traffic. High traffic would cause the material to degrade fast. It also offers a wide array of colors and styles. 
  • Olefin – These materials are a lower grade material compared to polyester and nylon, although it is a good stain, and resistant to water.  
  • Nylon – when this material is treated with stain protection, it becomes the most durable and stain-resistant among the materials we feature here. In fact, it is the most chosen carpet fibers for a home with pets and kids as well as spaces with a high amount of traffic. 
  • Wool – this fiber is resistant to the soil but not actually for stain. It is known for its beauty as well as durability when maintained well.  

The following are the factors that affect the quality and the durability of these carpet fiber materials when used: 

How the carpet is constructed – Nearly all carpets you see on residential areas are manufactured through a tufting machine. Similar to a sewing machine, this machine is equipped with hundreds of needles that insert loops of carpet fibers into the backing form. 

The quality of the carpet you have depends on the construction of these fibers as well as the quality of the fibers themselves. The durability, appearance, and the price of the carpet are also determined by the density of the tufts as well as how the fibers were twisted too. 

Density – this is determined by the amount and how the fibers are tightly packed together. A dense carpet is characterized by the closeness of the fibers with one another. And the denser the carpet is, the more it becomes durable and less susceptible to damage.  

Twist – this is referred to as how tight the fibers are twisted as it determines how the carpet will respond to the force, matting, and crushing that will eventually happen to it.  

What Then 

If you are planning to hire a contractor and install carpet on your home, the above-mentioned information is important to take into consideration as they determine how you will be satisfied with the carpet you install.  

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